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Boost your revenue at scale

WinDifferent helps BDev Ventures's portfolio companies expand and accelerate their revenue generation and sales pipeline through proven, data-driven solutions
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What we do

We help companies grow

We power one of the most effective, proprietary marketing systems in the world to help BDev Ventures’s portfolio companies scale faster than the competition.

Our unique framework generates positive engagement that leads to ready-to-close opportunities which massively expands sales pipelines.
WinDifferent Framework
WinDifferent Framework

Scale up
with WinDifferent

Get zero cash CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) customers
Improve your company's net profit margins and cash efficiency
Explore opportunities in new markets
Accelerate your company's growth curve
Reduce reliance on external financing

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Leading B2B companies trust WinDifferent to fuel revenue

More than $1.6 billion in contract value
“WinDifferent has generated over $1.6 billion in contract value to date and was instrumental in BairesDev bootstrapping to a multi-billion dollar valuation company.”
Nacho De Marco
_CEO of BairesDev

how to start

Apply to Become a BDev Ventures Portfolio Company and benefit from WinDifferent’s Marketing Solutions

BDev Ventures portfolio companies can boost their revenue with the WinDifferent Growth Platform without upfront fees or implementation costs.
If your company provides B2B software, products, or services and is operationally ready to scale, you can apply to work with BDev Ventures and benefit from our framework.
Visit BDev Ventures' website to learn more.

BDEV Ventures eligible criteria:

High-potential B2B products or services
At least $500k in annual recurring revenue
We make minority investments ($250K – $5M) in B2B companies with at least $0.5M in ARR (annual recurring revenue) for software, SaaS, technology, and product companies and $5M in ARR for service companies. We add value by helping startups scale their customer outreach and revenue generation while decreasing customer acquisition costs.

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